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CTA carpenteria inox
cta carpenteria inox

The company was estabilished in 1968 by Teresio Albizzati, year in which the first sheds is built


The activity was set up for the finishing of industrial and civil sheet metal work


Since its beginning the Company has constantly grown; focusing on new production areas and in the sector of steel manufacturing

The capacities to produce and the size of the production grew along with the company itself


The research of new productive filds has always been a goal of the company, which arrives to build complete industrial plants, dealing not only with the stell construction but also with the assembly of finished machines.

The company is currently engaged in the energy and chemical and petrochemical plants producing complex and large plants. 

With the new generation arriving, the sons of Mr. Albizzati, Eng. Jarno Albizzati and Eng. Marco Albizzati joined the board of directors.


In 2007 the enlargement of the board led to the establishment of a new business: CTA Ltd, owned by Eng. Jarno Albizzati and Eng. Marco Albizzati.


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